We are producing T-Shirt, Tank Top, Singlet in fine Cotton, PC, CVC in Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve for Men, Women and Children. Our collection is in Single Jersy, Rib and various range of solid color, printed and Yarn dyed fabric.


    Our collection of shirts carries a varied range of styles. With a focus on Oxford Shirts and Check Shirt also bring forth vintage and work wear influences in a range of Denim Shirt. Printed Shirt offers bold designs and Hawaiian styles, whilst Striped Shirts comes in a range of colors along with washed finishes in both long and Short Sleeve designs for Men, Women and Children.


    We are producing Polo Shirt in fine Cotton, PC, CVC in Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve for Men, Women and Children. Our collections are in Single Jersy, Pique and various range of solid colour, printed and Yarn dyed fabric.


    Delivering a huge range of jeans, we are producing premium, dry selvedge and denim jeans, ideal for breaking in. A range of washes, finishes and natural fading effects add to the collection for Men, Women and Children.


    We are producing Trousers in Woven and Knit fabrics. Our Cargo Pants, Boxers, Bermuda, Leggings, Shorts and Casual pants are very popular in world market.

  • NGO


    It is an NGO, to improve social and economic condition of underprivileged people.

  • Leather Products

    All sorts of leather goods made from pure cow, goat and bull leather.

  • Jute Products

    We are producing all sorts of jute products. Jute products are a natural, 100% organic eco friendly recyclable fiber.


Sure Quality

We offer you readymade garments which are made of quality fabrics and the stitches are brilliant. Our quality control board is advised to check every product with 100% finishing. Our commitment to our clients is we will serve the best and all the readymade garments are the finest you can get

Versatile Products

Our company produces various products like knit products, sweaters, undergarments, T-Shirts etc. We accept our clients design and help them to develop any design if they need it. We have professional designers as well as experienced people round here

Professional Approach

Our professional approach to our clients can help the new clients to have the trust on us. We always seek for long term commitments with our clients and regarding the garments, we understand it better than anyone does. You can contact with us now and we are available during office hours